Linda Scott, HC, LMT, RM - I Knead Your Soles...

In addition to Integrated Massage, I have extensive experience in the following: 
Seated/Chair Massage...

Clients kneel, fully clothed, into a specially designed padded chair that cradles the face with a rest for the arms.  Chair massage is ideal for the session that requires focus on the shoulders, neck and upper back.  If you are in a rush and just in need of a 'tune-up,' this is the ideal session!  Similar results can be obtained in a straight back chair for times when kneeling is not an option!

 Integrated Reflexology foot massage works on the principle that there are areas on the feet that correspond to the various glands, organs, bones (skeleton). Various pressure (and massage) techniques are applied on the 'reflex' points to effectively treat the entire body from the inside out! Hence, you can get the benefits of massage and more without the inconvenience of  disrobing and messing up the hair & makeup! Reflexology is particularly effective for relieving stress and anxiety.  

'Happy head, happy hands, happy feet...'  J.D.A. 

'I feel pounds lighter and inches taller...' D.M. 

'Perfect combination of Reflexology & (foot) massage! VERY similar to what I have experienced in India and Asia...' S.G. 

'I have twinkle toes...' B.P.

'This is similar to my Japanese experience... K.F.

Reiki... Japanese word meaning 'universal life force energy.'  A gentle, non-invasive, hands on healing technique that transfers this beautiful energy to the client.  Thus, helping one to restore one's ability to 'heal.'  And, when we are 'healed,' the all  essential mind-body-spirit connection flows naturally.  The National Institute of Health (NIS)  has classified Reiki as a 'biofield energy technique.'  As with Reflexology, there is not the inconvenience of disrobing and it is effective for relieving
stress & anxiety. 

'I finally found what works for me and NO drugs...' D.C.

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